Rhythm of The 21st Century

This is actually a very late late late late post..
I just lazy to post up the picture..
and since i update my blog why don't I post now hehe..
This post is actually about one of Malaysia's foremost contemporary
sculptors showcasing his latest artworks.

The venue is Level 3, Suria KLCC.
It has 20 large-scale sculptures,
45 drawings and paintings that symbolizes the destructive nature of man.

I'll let the picture do the talking.

I like this the most.
It came along with its own music and rhythm.
And quite creepy too.

Anyway this is only part of the sculptors.
There's still alot of it and camera are restricted at the gallery.
So, yeah =P

For those who interested, the exhibition continues until 24 January 2010.
There's still plenty of time to visit and have a look.
Participation is FREE and open to all.
: )