Just came back from watching Avatar.
A truly magnificent movie !
For those who haven't watch it, watch it now !
3 hours and money worth spending for this movie.

It brings alot of emotions and different kind of feel when you watch it.
The world of Pandora, strange lifeform in the forest, floating mountain..
If only such world exist.
Truly remarkable.

It could be the movie of the year.

verdict: 9/10

Today is kind of a day off for me.
Quite stress lately.
By enjoying a great 3 hours movie is pretty much worth it, isn't it ?
= )
Still got lot of assignments to do.
And holiday is coming.
X'mas is coming.
Guess it's another lonely X'mas huh ?
Aight, back to business.
It's homework time.

"is something we find harder and harder to give as time goes by"