Since all of my housemate has finished their exam,
they organised a day trip to Malacca.
It was a fun trip with all the stuff that we bought,
all the view sighting on Menara Taming Sari, and the delicious food.
I'm reaaallyyy lazy to blog all the outings and such so
imma let the photos do the talking = )

we're on our way =D

Reno & BoBo

J's Family

Best Sale ??

Everyone's the king on that day


Karen & Jared

Cindy & Jia Seng

Reno & Zhi Hong

BoBo & Jen Shen

Me & Ryan


Menara Taming Sari

Eye On Malaysia

Malacca Lok Lok

...& if it rains on my parade, I'll just dance in it


.... and I'm gonna let you finish.

a meteor assault of awesome :D

Down goes Kanye.
When the president calls you an Jackass, you know you've fucked up.
I can see South Park going all out on Kanye,
they are definitely doing something on the whole incident.


Movies at Times Square.
Watch Gamer.
The movie was,
Some said it is one of the worst movie ever.
Cuz the movie are based on games.
Same goes for Avatar that will going to be premier soon.

That boy behind him is controlling him.
Pretty cool huh

verdict: 5/10

Then walked around with CP and while we were walking,
we noticed there is no light at the escalator there.
It was off all of the sudden.
And then suddenly theres this thing that automatically slide down from the ceiling
and it scared the hell out of the people.
I thought it was zombie out-break.



Currently I am having a mental breakdown over my 320gb External Hard Disc.
It broke all of the sudden.
There is no word that can describe my feelings right now.
All the data has lost.
My beloved songs.
Precious photos.
Favourite movies.
And whole lotta stuff.


and if there's someone deliberately ask for my hard disc, go screw yourself.
TRY me.