Random Update

Lately has been really lazy to update blog.
So I got to compile all the things in 1 week to 1 post haha.
Nothing much to update actually.
College life are great.
Gym are fun but tiring.
Have to rush those hectic assignment.
So far so good
= )

Mind Mapping
It was a total disaster.
We had to redo at the last minute.
My bad.

Really disappointed during the presentation.
Although we pass but not really happy.
Cuz we knew we failed and the lecturer gave us to pass.
He don't want us to fail and don't want any trouble either.

Wei Jie So damn sexy with the pose hahahaha.

Sha Gong posing while im doing work.

The floor are so clean even Nicholas dare to lie down.

Cam Whoring = )

Khai Theng.
His Expression,
Damn Priceless.

Puppies ZOMG !

I saw 3 puppies in the longkang when i was passing through.
Damn cute ! haha
They were shivering maybe due to the windy weather.
It look like it's going to rain so all of us took them up and place them somewhere else.

Then i went to the Cafeteria and took a empty box from the kakak.
Thank god they gave me.
Then i went back there and give the box to them to put the puppies inside.
Their mother had a hard time to go down from the hill cuz of the wire that surrounded the whole area.

Hope they are safe now.

The puppies

Sleeping like pig.
So cute !!!!!

After Riz's class,
I went to the futsal court to see Nicholas's team.
Even Fun, John & Ah Sau Joined.
It was a good game eventhough the result is tied.

Went to Papparich at night with Carvne.
Because Alex came to Cheras with his sis.
So we took this chances to have a drink with him.
Vne gave us a surprise.
Which is she invited Lywen to come.

What a surprised.
Really long time no see her le.
We're just laughing all the time.
Emily came too.
I didn't take any pictures.
But I got a little souvenir from Alex a.k.a Sha Po.

I've learn that if you respect people,
people will respect you too.
But, sometimes people don't.
Like those fucktarded douche.
Don't expect to earn my respect.
As I too, don't really care if u do.

"Let me know if i say something that offends you.
I might want to offend you again later."

: )