Find a person who loves you for exactly for you are.
Good mood. Bad mood.
Ugly. Pretty.
The right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass.
That's the kind of person worth sticking with.


Few more minutes and you going to leave kl le..
I really feel so disappointed..
You told us in such a short notice..
We only can accompany you for 4 hours..

Here I wish you all the best !
We're gonna miss you always !
= )



Just came back from watching Avatar.
A truly magnificent movie !
For those who haven't watch it, watch it now !
3 hours and money worth spending for this movie.

It brings alot of emotions and different kind of feel when you watch it.
The world of Pandora, strange lifeform in the forest, floating mountain..
If only such world exist.
Truly remarkable.

It could be the movie of the year.

verdict: 9/10

Today is kind of a day off for me.
Quite stress lately.
By enjoying a great 3 hours movie is pretty much worth it, isn't it ?
= )
Still got lot of assignments to do.
And holiday is coming.
X'mas is coming.
Guess it's another lonely X'mas huh ?
Aight, back to business.
It's homework time.

"is something we find harder and harder to give as time goes by"


Today I discovered that if you type in,
you get one page with four different Google browsers.
And they all run independently.

...a whole new level of multitasking!

Assignment, assignment, assignment !
Rushing on time, Rushing on time, Rushing on time..
Been pretty hectic and tiring lately.
This semester is a total torture.

..but needless to say,
D1 is the best.


Has anyone watch the movie 2012 yet ?
I wanted to watch it so badly.
But I guess I have to wait a little longer.

Everyones been thinking natural disaster is going to occur during that year.
And it was predicted by a Mayans 500 years ago.
Actually, there will be no disaster or whatsoever..
Do you know why ?
I'll let you know why..

SOooo... Do you still believe in that prediction ?


Rhythm of The 21st Century

This is actually a very late late late late post..
I just lazy to post up the picture..
and since i update my blog why don't I post now hehe..
This post is actually about one of Malaysia's foremost contemporary
sculptors showcasing his latest artworks.

The venue is Level 3, Suria KLCC.
It has 20 large-scale sculptures,
45 drawings and paintings that symbolizes the destructive nature of man.

I'll let the picture do the talking.

I like this the most.
It came along with its own music and rhythm.
And quite creepy too.

Anyway this is only part of the sculptors.
There's still alot of it and camera are restricted at the gallery.
So, yeah =P

For those who interested, the exhibition continues until 24 January 2010.
There's still plenty of time to visit and have a look.
Participation is FREE and open to all.
: )


Pearl Drinks

Today's the first day opening stall of CK, Emily and Kuhan Pearl Drink at Kai's Printing there.

you can see alot of people went there to chau-yit-lau and try the drinks that they made.

see the boss ? CK so busy.

Boss pose.. He only lack of big tummy hahaha.

more and more people come.. mostly from D1 and D3..

Kuhan, the small boss XD

Alex "Nia" kim "Seng" drink till so syok..
Like sucking something..

Even the pearl stuck at middle of the straw..

Emily - Lou Ban Liong
also lack of big tummy..
if not sure look like boss also hahaha..


Life doesn't hurt until you think about,
how much things have changed,
who you've lost along the way,
and how much of it was your fault.



Zhi Hong birthday celebration at MoMo Cafe.

Jia Seng & Zhi Hong
(Belated birthday boy & Birthday boy)

He is struggling not to give anyone to pull his face to the cake, but..

in the end, kena jugak.

same situation XD

= )


On that night everyone of us brought the cheese smell along and went home.
That's because not a single one of us didn't kena cake fest.
A great night indeed.
Wish you all the best and happy always !