Random Update


Rachel is concentrating on her Pan Mee XD

Khai Theng's friend.
Does she look like Phoebe from My.Fm ?
From what I heard almost 90 % of all the people said they really look alike.

Lai Ting.
Always so cool.

38 is all i can say hahahahahaha
yala yala pretty la mirror beside you almost break la.


Gym exercises are unpredictable.
We don't know what we going to do each week.
But, this week.. Walao weh..
a bit of torture.

First we have to queue up.
And each of us have to take turn 'push' by our coach.
Sibeh scare you know.
Imagine your hand being tight by rope (actually is towel la)
then push by him without telling you.
The feeling is like being push from a high building.


Hand tight by towel.

Then you're push down hardly.

Anyway it was a fun and intriguing moment for me.
When i was pushed down by him,
i accidently open my hand that tighten by the towel.

That coach say that those who make their towel apart from their hand
means they are tension.

Oh freaking yea !
That's true.

Wanna try ?
Join Gym.

Belum try, belum tahu.
Sudah try, tiap tiap hari mahu.

Cheng Pang's drawing.

Got a monkey inside DBZ collection hahaha

Eventhough it's simple but i think it's nice.
Not praising you ok ?
Im praising the drawing XD

a Fei's perfume colour pastel.

Went to library on saturday to do homework given by Andrew.
On the way to bus stop we saw a petite snake at the stair.
At fisrt we were like OMG there's a snake there !
Then we took a lot of picture of it.
But that Shin ran far away >_____>
Mana lu punya 'chiong' ?

When John capture the snake images he went really close to the snake.
Mana tau that snake havent die yet !
Just been hurt by those rocks and stones i guess.
Walao weh almost make us shit in our pant when its head move all the sudden.

This bastard suddenly move o_o

There is something that stick to his body.
But we don't know it's an egg or a stone.

"being love is a necessity, but giving love is the greatest luxury"