29th of June

Happy Birthday to Mr. Reno Gan !

This post was postponed due to line problem.
Ya'll know why.
Here's the picture that I took last week.
Some of it are from Zhi Hong's blog.

The Birthday boy.

S.M Moment.

He surrender himself.

He's doom

Finally he play along with us.

Jared, the photographer.

Jia Seng

Jen Shen

Ryan ready to cabut his bulu kaki hahaha

Zhi Hong & Jia Seng

Alex planning on raping Reno kaokao.

Full of rape, sodomy and penetration.

In the end, Alex kena rape kaokao.

But despite of the despair, he still want to pose.
Seriously la Alex ~

Group photo

Wish you happy always and hope you will get what you want !

= )