3rd of July

Eason Chan had a mini concert at my college.
Everyone was so excited including some of my friends.
Me and my friend went there to queue up at 7 p.m but it was full of people already.
So, we had to wait for like 1 and a half hours to go in.
But some so called 'incident' happened and i can't tell it in here.
laughing out loud*

Someone will kill me if i say it here hahaha.
Anyway it was one hell of a fun day.
I just took a few pictures.
More picture will be post when my friend give it to me.
Here are the pictures.

The long queue

C.K, Shin, Me, Kuhan, Ah Sau

The couple
C.K & Emily

Khai Theng

Ah Sau
where are you going?*

The R&B

Eason Chan from far away

We snap a photo before we went home