Today has been quite a day cuz we went to Times Square.
All of us has been late but Khai Theng and his girlfriend reach earlier than us.
So, they went gaigai and lurk around in TS.
Me and Emily meet up at Hang Tuah and go to TS together.
And then we meet up with Khai Theng.

4 of us had our brunch at Old Town but actually just me and Emily do the eating.
Both Khai Theng and his gf just have some drinks cuz they have eaten before they came.
While we're eating, we waited for them to come.
Sock Xin, Lai Ting, Boon Jian and his gf.
They reached at 12 something and we straight go to the cinema.

As soon as we arrived, we're confusing about what movie should we watch.
Some of us suggest Night at The Museum.
The other suggested Drag Me to Hell.
After a short discussion, we've decided which movie to watch.
'Drag Me To Hell'.

We got like 2 hours until we can enter the cinema.
So we lurk and fool around in TS.
The most funny part is, suddenly Shin want to play prank call again.
We went to a public phone nearby the shop and started to take our syiling out.
1st, she played a prank call on Celine.

It was not really funny but poor Celine because she believed what Shin had said.
2nd, they planned to play a prank call on John.
So, without a proper plan they called John and ask me to play a role of an agent.
It was a quick plan but well played.
Let me review the conversation from below.

Me: Hello, is this Mr John ?
John: Yes, Yes I am.
Me: I'm Mr Chan (everybody was laughing)
John: Errr.. ( 3 seconds)
Me: Im from the Famine Charity (or something like that) and have you donated money to the charity yesterday?
John:YYes, I have...
Me: I would like to tell you that you have won RM500 from the charity that you had donated.
John: (silence)
Me: You can check your bank account right away. For any confirmation please call this number 017-xxxxx (Shin's number)
John: Ooh, okay. (Yes, yes he did believed it)
Me: Call this number if you need any confirmation about the money. And oh yea which bank do you use ?
John: Without any hesitation, he told me "**** Bank" ( Seriously WTF ?!)
Me: "**** Bank ?" (ofcourse im not going to say it here la haha but everyone is laughing out loud)
John: Yea (keeping his cool)
Me: Oh ok, so.. you can take the money right away from your bank account. TQ.
John: Ok. (hanged the phone)

And thus, everyone was bursting their stomach laughing non-stop.
Yes, it was a funny and satisfying moment but the prank isn't over yet.
Our master mind, the evil Shin had not enough of the prank and still want to find one more victim.
Jun Bao, is our 3rd pity victim.
Seriously, reading this will make your stomach explode.

Me: Tuut... Tuut... (Phone's ringing)
Bao: Wei ?~
Me: Hello, I'm Mr Chan from Famine Charity. Are you Mr Jun Bao ?
Bao: Yes, yes I am.
Me: Have you donated for the charity yesterday ?
Bao: Har ? Charity ? What charity ?
Me: The charity that your friend, Mr Pan asked you to donate.
Bao: Oh ~ that charity ar ? yaya i got donate ar.. Why leh ?
Me: I would like to inform you that you had won RM500 from the charity.
Bao: O_O rrrrrreeeaaallllyyyyy ar ? RM250 ?????! (that's what he heard)
Me: (Almost burst out laughing) Yeap. Do you know Mr John ?
Bao: (Feeling fucking excited) YAYAYAYA I KNOW HIM AR ! WHY LEH ?~!
Me: Your friend John had won RM500 too. You can call him to ask anything you like about the money that you have won.
Bao: (Still feeling fucking excited) OOOOHHH~ OK OK I WILL CALL HIM LATER.
Me: So, if you like you can go to the bank and take the money with him.
Bao: Alright Alright I will.
Me: (a bit speechless and don't know what to say) Er... What Bank are you using ?
Bao: (without any HESITATION he told me) Oh bank ar ? Erm.. "**** Bank loh"
Me: "**** Bank ?"
Bao: (at this moment i almost break my own identity) Er, eh .. How do you know my account number ar ?
Me: (without saying anything i just call him to call Shin's number for confirmation)
Bao: (WTF he doesn't care about how i know his account number) OH ok la i will call A.S.A.P
Me: okay TQ for your cooperation. ( Phone Hanged)

Once again, all of us laugh until our stomache pain.
Because no one will thought he'll be so funny.
Boon Jian played along with us and called both of them.
He said that he won RM500 too and called them to call the number which is Shin's number.
Jun Bao was so happy but John still keeping his coolness and calm.

A few minutes later, Jun Bao called Shin's phone.
But, Shin gave her phone to Emily.
But Emily don't know what to say to him.
So, i grabbed the phone to make sure our prank works.

Me: Hello, this is Mr Chong (he still can't recognize my voice) and the lady just now that answer the call is Miss Tina. She is busy right now and i'll handle the call. May I help you ?
Bao: Er.. I want to know ar, did i won RM250 ?!
Me: Yea ! Ofcourse you had won. But not Rm250. It's RM500!
Bao: (I can feel he's so fucking happy he could jump down from KLCC) RRReally ??? FFFFive HHHundred Linggit ??!
Me: Yes, Yes ! You heard no wrong. It's RM500.
Bao: (This is when he started to think something is wrong) How do you know my account number ar ?
Me: (a bit nervous) Er, oh I think the Mr Chan handle all the account thingy so i don't really know anything about it.
Bao: You two not working together meh ?
Me: Oh, nonono.. We're from different department.
Bao: Oooh. Then ar, hmm.. What day can i take the money and how long will the money stay in my account ?
Me: You can take it anytime you want and the money last for 1 week so you have plenty of time to take it. (I shouldn't say that,but.. whatever it still works anyway)
Bao: (I could feel he's more fucking happy than earlier he could've jump down from KL Tower) OK OK I'LL TAKE IT LATERRR
Me: Good. I'm busy right now so i'm going to hang the phone now.
Bao: OKOK !

From the moment i hanged the phone, i can see Shin laugh until she ROFL.
And few of them can't stop laughing.
And not to mention, me too.
It was a hilarious moment and we enjoy it really much.
Thanks to Shin, the master mind behind all this.

But the self conscience inside us feel the guilt and uneasy feeling had finally

made us to call them back and tell them the truth.

We gave this job to Boon Jian.
And so, he called them.

1st, he called John.

John has no hard feeling but he kept saying diu, diu (with calm and cool tone) which make us laugh like hell.
2nd, he called Jun Bao and told him the truth.
Unbelievable enough, he told Boon Jian that he almost
going to the bank with his family.
Shin is the 1st to laugh hahahahaha.

And i'm like the WTF version laughing XD

No hard feeling my friend = )

Shin told them it was my plan O_O

So evil la you !@#$%^&*(

1 hour passed by so quickly with laughter.

And we straight go to the cinema there.

As soon we're arrived, the ticket checker want to see our IC card.

Damn ! Khai Theng's gf are still under 18.

After a while of arguement with the sohai, Khai Theng gave up and go home with his girl.

I can see he put a lot of effort trying to persuade that guy.

Sorry Khai Theng, we'll go next time = )
The movie is so fucking bad it's not even scary.
Don't watch Drag Me To Hell everyone !!

It was like a funny movie more than a scary movie.
Damn regret watch this movie.


But I don't know why Shin so scare when she was watching it.
I can see she jump a few times from her chair =.=

Feel like laughing but can't coz she's really seriously about she hate to watch movie like this.

And also she acted so weird and awkward when she came out from the cinema.

But after a while she already okay and we went to Pasar Seni to buy some stuff.

She suddenly became so energetic and hyperactive o_O

We reached to a store recommended by Kuhan.

The stuff that they sell there are quite expensive.
I bought some stuff and so are the rest of them.
Then, Boon Jian and his gf wanna go home already due to they have to go home early.

So it's only left me, Emily, Lai Ting and Shin.

We went to a street that is fulled with artist, arts and craft.
We took a lot of picture and have a fun time there watching those street artist portraying their art.
This is the 1st time i experienced something like this.

Next we went to Central Market.

OMG ! We don't know there is some much thing inside to see and discover.

It was all full of art and something that we can't describe.

Seriously at that time, all 4 of us has those enthusiastic feelings to know more
and we round and round
and took picture all over the places.
Someone should see our enthusiasm at that time hahaha.

We have already decided this will be our lepak place when we got nothing to do
when we're going to do our homework we'll all go there.
Because this place gave us so much inspiration and there is a lot of facilities here.
Cafe, Shops, Stores, etc. etc. etc.

We saw a lot of things that are interesting and nice but we can't afford to buy it that time.
Then, Petaling Street is our last destination.
That Shin ar when always go there will ask me to go nearer to the guy who sell dvd.


To see whether he will sell Porn Movie to me or not.
Hen Wu Liao Hor ? =.=

We walked for like 1 and a half hours and went back home.
Emily has bought a lot of things today and used up a lot of money.

She bought a new pair of shoes.

Anyway today is one of my happiest day ever.

Had so much fun and took a ton of picture haha.

Let the picture do the talking.

"it's like we're going to a motion of a scripted destiny"


bad guy...u and shin is the master of tis prank
hahaz,so ngam u two...wish u 2 can faster in harness


me is bao,haha