13th of June

Went to Pasar Seni with C.K, Emily and Shin today.
But everyone was late and we're supposed to meet up on 2 p.m.
Mana tau Emily's cousin couldn't fetch her and she have to come by lrt.
Im the first one who reached to the destination.
Walked around Petaling Street and go back to Pasar Seni station.

And then Shin came by later.
We chat while waiting for C.K and Emily.
Finally, both of them reached and it was already 3 p.m.
We go to Petaling Street to walk around but that Shin go there to 'clear stock'.
We were supposed to buy tools and accesories for our study but it was cancelled in the last minute.

So, we went to a Plaza near Petaling Street.
Because C.K wanted to show us a toy shop.
He wanted to buy Emily a big Winnie The Pooh.
But she don't want because she already had a lot of it.
All the time we're just lurking around and laugh a lot.

They say this look like Kuhan.

As you can see, he's not.
He is a B.A.M.F
(he knows what it stand for)


Shin bought a Korean movie which is recommended by me.
'My Sassy Girl'
Heard of it before ?
It's an old movie but it was nice = )
We shared bought the DVD haha.

After that we went to Times Square.
Had our brunch/dinner and walk around.
I wanted to watch movie but they have to go home early.
So, we went to the public phone and play some prank call on Kuhan and Khai Theng.
Khai Theng is a funny guy.

He totally believed what Shin said.
We're all acting as a police officer on the phone.
But Kuhan recognized my voice.
Damn la hahahah..
I took some of the picture while they were playing prank call on Khai Theng.

See how happy C.K is ?

She couldn't help but laughing.

She is enjoying it.

C.K turns.

Mazda Exhibition

I heard Kuhan likes Mazda.
He must be really envy.

Cute lil' Mazda

If it's not because of family day he could've see this too

Shin & Me


"don't stop yourself from saying what you really mean and to protect yourself from what you know is a bad idea"


what a colourful blog post...

actually i wanna said--
Y post my uGLy photos...............................................

busUk jUmaaT~


it's not ugly at all leh..
funny ma the picture..

u so wangi meh ?


wangi than U~


yerrr u so late only bath ur ketiak must be really busuk.. yiack~


u dun noe
i can omly slp tight if the ketiak got the smell~~~


O_O yiack~

Ketiak busuk giler babi