2nd of May, Saturday

There is nothing much to do at home.

I didn't sleep all night long.
Watch drama until sunrise.
It's really hot this few days.

I should say it's been a week like this.
..the hell is with the weather ?!

My mom told me there won't be any rain around this month till September.
It is already stated in the newspaper.

Right after i had my breakfast,

i went back to sleep until 5 pm.
Had a call from Zhi Hong.
He said we're going to Look Out Point at 7 p.m with our PJ friends.
The one who fetched me was Jen Shen.

We reached there at 7 something.
As soon as we reached,

we ordered foods & drinks,
talked nonsense, crapped a lot and talked cock.
Yea, some of them really cracked me up.

Especially Ryan.
The Smoker and The Joker.
When we got there JS asked me if i already watch Wolverine or not ?
I answered yea, i watched already.

Then he Boycott me >__>

But then i had to be honest ma.

If i say no, i haven't watch it,
if we're in the middle of the movie and i accidently tell them "oh yea, later he jump from there and save the hero",
they'll be, (>.<)@=('.' Q)
Then i'm doom.

(i dowana get rape by any of them)

Anyway i would like to watch for the second time.

Cuz it's worth it and deserved to be watch for the second time = )
He said they will be going to watch it on Tuesday.
Yea, maybe i'll go watch again.

As for 2nd round,
We went to Steven's Corner.

Cuz the night is still young and we yumcha at there.
Me and Ryan wanna try the Shisha but the dude who manage it went M.I.A
I never try it before so i thought it would be fun haha.

Well.. maybe next time =D

The most quiet person in the group is me.
Maybe i still haven't get used to the group.
I know what they were talking but i just listening all the time.
And zone out a lot of times too.

I don't like conflicts.
Which is why i always laugh and smile.

I don't really care what others think about me.

Fuck 'em
But i do care about my friend's feeling.
If they are happy then i'm happy.

"There have been times when i /u had been absolutely sure that i /u was right, only to be proven wrong."

Can't manage to get Jen Shen's and Bobo's ph
Here are some photo taken by Zhi Hong's Handphone.

me, Zhi Hong, Jared & Reno

Reno, Reno's hometown friend, Zhi Hong & Yee Mun

Yee Mun & Zhi Hong

Jared & Karen