Random Update

The 1st and 2nd day of Orientation was kinda fun.
Eventhough we had to queue up under the hot sun.
It's really bored when you got no friend there.
Yea, you get what i meant.
It was kinda 'fun' >____>

Couple of girls went to me and ask for the directions to the hall.
I was blur at the time and don't really know where the place is.
So, we sama sama blur @__@
But luckily we got the right direction and had been told to queue up at the hall.
=3 fuh*

As we walked to the hall, we introduced ourselves.
The girl came from Sarawak and another is from Johor.
And they knew how to listen Cantonese and speak fluently.
At that time i was wondering why Reno sucks at Cantonese.
tsk tsk tsk*

Both of them were taking Multimedia Design in Diploma.
I was so envy of them because i wanted to take Multimedia Design as my courses.
Hopefully I'll get my chance next year.
But we got separated when boys have to be in boy's queue,
and girls in girl's queue.
So, yea...

When we're in the hall, it was so fucking boring.
You really wanted to get up and and go out to another places.
Cuz the speech was bored and lots of bla bla bla.
Especially Ong Ka Ting.
Eventhough what he said is meaningful but he's like reading the whole article to us.

And i thought it was funny cuz his face reminds me of Onn Kam Seong.
I almost burst out laughing when the Broadcasting crew zoom his face to the big screen.
I apologize for my rudeness but at that moment, you really don't have anything to do
except to fall asleep or accidently think of something to make yourself energetic.
= )

As for the 2nd day, i woke up really early.
I woke up at 4 something o_o
And i couldn't get back to sleep after that.
It was weird cuz it's rarely happen to me.
I thought a lot of things at that time.

I went to LRT station quite early.
As i was sitting down, a guy and his friends came to me.
Claimed that he knew me o_o
I was like who are you again ? o_O
He said he recognized me at the Orientation Day.
And we're in the same courses which is Graphic Design.

But he was in Graphic Design of Diploma.
I was like cool.. Ok..
And he added, we got played basketball before too.
And this time i O_O
He said yea at the court behind my house.

I recognize him a bit but still doubting myself <_____<
Anyway he's a nice guy and we went to college together.

Im not really into the conversation that much.
And he is a blur guy too @_@
He told me he onced get lost at LRT station @_@

I just told him, yea, it happen sometimes.
We went to the Lecture Hall at Block DK D.
And was separated in places cuz he's in Diploma and im in Cert.
It was bored and funny at the same time cuz the senior were wacky and..
i don't know how to say*

Knew some of the students there.
Quite friendly but not too close though.
And i was quiet and don't do much talking.
I realized Indian guy is funny.
There's a joker name Guhan.
He called himself Gohan.

There is a lot of event and things that happened.
I was just too lazy to write it out.
It wasn't important anyway.
But i can tell Multimedia Design group are more cheerful than us.
And our group looked really dull.
No energy at all.

After the so called lectured completed,
all of us walk on our own.
I went to make the student ID Card with the guy i just met at the LRT Station.
We round almost half of TARC to find the computer lab (CITC)
And we found it ! It was actually near the Admin Block there
and we've been a fool round around the TARC.

The queue was long and it took us about 30 to 45 minutes to had our ID Card done.
Really don't have efficiency la
We went back on our own but i went to 1U with Reno, Zhi Hong and Kok Hoh.
Zhi hong has to interview for the job while we went to Pizza Hut to eat.
''it's 4 p.m already stomach hungry la'''

And we went to fool around while waiting for Zhi Hong.
Reno is a rich dude.
He can bought an item right when he saw it for not even over 10 minutes.
He bought a Converse shoes.
My favourites.

I just bought a DVD and went home after that.
I fall asleep in the car and when i woke up i thought i already reached home.
No. It's not. It's was a dream.
The truth is don't know why the road are so fucking jam for no reason.
We stucked in the car for 2 hours before safely reached home.
Poor Zhi Hong for driving the car for so many hours.

His leg must be really numb.
Even when i slept my leg got numb too.
After couple of hours, i fetch Alastair to 7 Star Villages to have some drinks.
Later on, Yew Joe and his Girlfriends joined us too.
It was fun but tiring for me.

I already tried my best to express more of myself.
I don't know if any of my friends truly know me.
Maybe their not.
I've been moody and unhappy lately.
Sometimes we don't even know why or what course us to be moody.
That's all for today.
Nitez Peeps.

"i never felt good enough, so i always took myself out of the game"