Random Update

Well to be frankly, this is my first time blogging as a blogger.. I've always wanted to have my own blog but i was too lazy to make one.. And here i am trying to make my own blog haha.. Still under construction though.. Need to add my friend's blog link and i still have a lot to learn about the settings..

Went to Leisure Mall with Wai Fong and Yew Joe today.
But we went seperately because i have to accompany Wai Fong to cut the handphone line for his father at Maxis Center near Leisure Mall and guess what ? This is the second time we went there and there are always have problem occur during the process..

The Maxis's Operator need a copy of Wai Fong father's I/C but his father is at overseas.. So both I and Wai Fong went to had our brunch at A&W while waiting for Yew Joe to come.. The 3 of us then decided to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop and our decisions was right haha cuz it was funny watching the fat guy make all those move and listen to his so called sarcastic speech XD

Anyway it is a nice movie and for those who haven't watch, you should watch it to get some laughter and crack yourself up = )