I woke up really early these days.
Maybe it's because i slept too much.
And I don't want to think about anything when i reach home.
It's been a tiring day for me.
A hectic week to be exact.

Thanks to the fucked up timetable.
It was all messed up.
When i reached college, i went to the Bulletin Board.
Where SSH student's timetable will be announces.
But it was crowded by people.

The weather is hot and I can just stand there with some of my friends.
Waiting our turn to copy and see our group and time.
Everyone were pushing here and there.
I saw a few of my old friends.
It's great to bump into them once in a while.

I skipped the 1st day of my lecture.
It was because i knew there won't be any lecture on that day.
The lecture start at 4 until 5 p.m and you expect me to wait ?
I went to LRT station after i got confirmation by my friend.
The lecturer won't be coming and i was right.

It was still early and i went to Times Square.
I was hungry and wanted to eat something.
So i asked Alastair to have lunch with me.
But his fucked up phone wouldn't function,
and that caused me to wandered around S.Wang searching for him.

Time flies by.
One hour has gone.
And the dude called me and asked me where am i.
I was so fucking moody and went to Time Square.
He apologized to me and i accepted it.
It wasn't his fault anyway.

What i thought at that time was I already in Time Square,
and what should i do ?
So i went to the cinema and bought a ticket movie.
Night At The Museum 2.
I heard a lot of people say it was a nice and funny movie.
Yes it is !

But this is the first time i felt aslept in the cinema.
Seriously. First time. And i ain't feel good about it.
I was tired and i couldn't help it.
Anyway i had watched most of the funny part.
So i don't feel like missing anything haha.

I went home after the movie.
I just couldn't wait for Alastair.
I can't open my eyes at all.
So he called me to say have some drinks next time.
So i was like yea sure.

So, today is my first lecture class.
But the lecturer messed up his own timetable and didn't come.
But the course rep asked us to stay and wait for further confirmation.
He went to the office and came back to tell us we had to go to the other block.
Man, it was so freaking far..

As soon as we reached, we find our own seat.
And the lectured came to the hall.
He was quite young.
His name are Mr.Chong.
Quite funny as he was chewing gum while talking to us.
He told us not to call him uncle haha.

All of us can heard his gum chewing sound.
It was quite gross with the ngek ngek ngek sound.
But luckily he's not strict and tough.
And that makes him more friendly and likeable.
And the lecture last for less than an hour i think.

He told us to download certain software and buy stuff like,
Scrap Book etc. etc. etc.
And we have to make a group.
I was like shit !
I don't know who to find to make a group.

I got some new friends there.
But it was complicated and i don't know how to say.
The topic and all the stuff they said none of it suits me.
I don't have any topic or stuff to say to them.
I feel so weird and empty at the same time.

"it's not always rainbows and butterflies"